How Will Be Digital Marketing Penetration Into The Market In 2019?

With 2018 drawing to a close and with the New Year finally upon us, Digital marketing is something that you simply cannot ignore anymore, especially in this economy. With internet getting evermore integrated into our lives, brand new technologies and digital marketing tools taking shapes, and with us being “toe–deep” into 2019, join us as we have a look at the best ways for digital marketing penetration into the market (and our lives) in 2019!

Digital marketing in 2019 – here’s why this post matters!

With a ton of new technologies and innovations like Voice Search, AI, Machine learning, AR, VR, and Facial recognitions becoming ever more mainstream, a proper, well-executed marketing/advertising campaign is certainly what you need to better take your businesses to the next level in 2019 – that too without ever breaking your bank!

Some of them are already here, growing slowly, but aren’t at full hype just yet. Some are big and booming, while others are expected to get even bigger in 2019. Whatever the case may be, here are the top 5 trendy ways through which digital marketing is set to better bloom in 2019.

Well then, let’s get started!

5 ways for digital marketing Penetration into the market in 2019

#1 Social Media Marketing is here to stay

With over half of human population still preferring to be connected to the web through social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter LinkedIn and many others, in 2019 too, the power of social media remains to be something that you need to consider well before devising your brands yearly digital marketing strategies.

At the end of the day though, just running a social media account for your brand, just for the sake of it, is certainly not going to be enough. You’ll need to be extra creative and should be ready to adapt and embrace new trends and changes as soon as they hit the web.

#2 Voice advertising–the future is here!

With the meteoric rise of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Now, Bixby, etc. and thanks to the much advancement in AI and computational systems, 2018 was quite literally the year of “voice-enabled smart assistants.” With 2019 too expected to take this amazing trend forward, it’s finally time for you to include the amazing power of voice into your digital marketing campaigns.

Needless to say, taking the effort and time to do so can not only give you that much-needed edge over your non-voice optimized competitors but can also future-proof and enhance the impact of your brand’s marketing campaigns – especially in the long, long run!

#3 AR and VR – twice the wonder

Thanks to the advent of high-speed internet platforms and the “amazonification” of our world and general culture, both AR and VR are the two major cornerstones that are expected to propel the digital marketing industry into this “future” where advertising is not only personalized but can also be fun for the user.

Sure, it is definitely true that we have only scratched the surface of what this technology has to offer. However, by infusing it early on into your digital marketing strategies, you can not only lead the charge in the long run but can also appeal better to the sensibilities of the modern marketing crowd – now that’s what I call hitting “two birds with one stone.”

#4 Video marketing – old is gold!

Outperforming every other medium by a mile, The power of “video” remains to be one of the most popular content forms in the world, and the truth is that it’s not gonna be changing anytime soon – even in 2019 too!. Therefore, it’s imperative that you don’t fall behind with your video marketing games if you want to get ahead in this cut-throat industry.

At the end of the day though, both quality and originality are definitely going to be the key factors to look out for in 2019. Look at what your business activities are, what your needs are, wants are? And then work out the best way to get video marketing integrated better into your digital marketing strategies.

#5 Chatbots are on the rise

2017 and 2018 were the years when this innovative new technology came into its own, and with over 80% of modern-day businesses already using or planning to use it by 2020, its quite obvious that chatbots are here to stay – and that they should definitely be a part of your digital marketing strategies!

Surprisingly, many people nowadays seem to prefer interacting with chatbots as they are more responsive, give answers promptly, are extremely polite and never lose patience. Needless to say, these AI-powered beasts can definitely help you offer outstanding customer services, meet their expectations and even help in automating repetitive tasks – allowing you to focus better on the more important aspects of your businesses.

Let’s Wrap It Up on Digital Marketing Penetration into the Market

Well, that’s it! These are the most expected and major ways through which digital marketing is going to better penetrate the market in 2019 – and Being a digital marketer myself, I literally cannot wait for those amazing trends I have mentioned above to better come into effect and change our lives for the better.

Sure, while it’s true that no one can predict the future. The key here, however, is to stay up to date, keep yourself “in the know,” know what your customers want, what they need and what their future needs are going to be – crack this simple code and you, my friend, can certainly race ahead and beat the digital marketing competition for the next and many, many more years to come!

As always, if you have any queries, suggestions or opinions to make, please do so by shooting us a comment down below. We love to hear from you, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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