12 Different Ways of Digital Marketing Methods For Beginners (Including Pros & Cons)

The world is slowly shifting from traditional marketing methods to their digital counterparts. It has completely revolutionized the marketing industry and changed the way the people view brands and businesses. The various different ways of digital marketing methods trump the traditional ones at every quarter to become the new king of the empire.

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The different types of online marketing methods offer a more personalized touch that the traditional ones were lacking on, for accomplishing this, the digital marketing industry has gone all out and introduced a bevy of channels to get the message right on to the minds of the consumers.

In this age, what better way to reach the people than the internet, each and every person out there is somehow in some way is connected to the web, which makes it the ideal medium for marketing products and services. Having a great online presence is everything; it can literally make your business go wild or run it to the ground, and that much power is what the internet is holding. One bad review and poof, the end.

However, hey, it’s not all doom and gloom, if you correctly utilize the channels offered by the digital marketing methods then you can turn any situation or anything in your favor. It all depends on the channels that you are choosing to work with and how much effort that you put into it How.

How Many Types of Digital Marketing Methods are there?

These are the digital marketing channels that I am going to explain in this article, these channels are time tested and can efficiently boost your business to the top of the search result page without breaking a sweat.

Different ways of digital marketing channels

Guys, to help you get a move on, we have put together an article about the different types and ways of digital marketing methods along with its channels here so you too can build a blooming future for yourself through the wonders of digital marketing. We gladly took the liberty this chance offered us to mash up together a list of channels offered by the digital marketing industries for your pleasure.

These are the Different types of online marketing channels as of now

#Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization or as it is popularly known, as SEO is one of the channels offered by the digital marketing methods, what SEO does is that it optimizes your website and its content so that it shows up in the search engines is a good place whenever a search is made relating to it.

The SEO process can readily increase your brand or sites visibility across the internet with such effectiveness and efficiency that it is almost unbelievable to look at, it is a miracle of a thing all right.

A great SEO optimized website or blog will attract more visitors that. In time, can be turned in to potential customers. The process of SEO is one of the most widely used channels in digital marketing. And not without reason, the SEO has the ability to turn a dull and drab website into a place oozing with bustling activities and visitors.


  • Generates high quality organic traffic
  • Can boost your online business
  • It can give your website the much needed online exposure
  • Can make your business grow


  • It offers no full control
  • There is always a risk of getting penalized

#Pay Per Click (PPC)

The pay per click is a channel of digital marketing that makes the advertisers pay a certain amount of money whenever a user clicks their ads.

This channel of marketing helps to increase the visits to your websites. It works by giving out a trivial fee to the search engines so that our ads are displayed at the top of the results whenever a keyword that we specified is entered as a search term, this increases the chances of that ad being clicked which in turn will increase the visitor turnout of your site.

The PPC model of advertisement has been around for a great time and is a great way to increase the traffic to your site or blog naturally so that you can too enjoy the benefits the internet offers.


  • Offers quick results
  • Relatively cheap
  • Offers real time control over ads


  • Complex process
  • Results are not guaranteed

#Local SEO

The local SEO is a digital marketing channel that is primarily used by; you guessed it, local businesses. It helps them to promote their businesses in a, you guessed again right, locally-focused way, jeez you’re on fire today aren’t you.

Imagine this, you suddenly need a load of plywood to build a doghouse and don’t know where to get them. So like any millennial, you turn to the internet to find the nearest shop selling to your needs. What local SEO does is that it promotes a business or shop so that it appears at the top of the results. Therefore, when you search for a place selling plywood, the local SEO optimized shops will grab at this chance and be displayed as top results, you get my point, right?

It offers a very target-oriented approach that can really help your local business shine.


  • Can target a specific group or area
  • Much cheaper than normal SEO
  • Quick results


  • Low return of investment
  • Lacks the wider appeal of normal SEO

#Email Marketing

The email marketing is one of the most widely used channels in digital marketing. Everyone who owns a mail account will have at some point came across a mail about a product or services in their inbox. This is email marketing. This channel makes use of the ubiquitous Email to try to build a business relationship with potential customers and clients.

However, there are downsides to this too; spamming is the enemy that is staring down on the otherwise good intentioned email marketing, as they say too much of anything cannot be good. At its best form, email marketing helps the customers to be constantly informed of products and services that are tailor suited for them.


  • Highly affordable
  • Can easily target a specific segment of people
  • Easy to build relationships


  • Lacks the personal touch
  • Results take time

#Content Marketing

Ah, the good old content marketing, the noblest of all digital marketing channels, this form of digital marketing involves the use of quality made content in your niche that you are trying to promote, the content that you are promoting should be of the highest quality and have no trace of plagiarism or something like that attached to it.

Creative content can really make the difference that you are looking for and can really boost the overall quality of what you are promoting.


  • Easy to attract clients and customers
  • Easy to make relationships
  • Full control


  • Takes a lot of time and effort
  • Hidden costs

#Keyword Research

Keywords, this one word alone can bring tears of joy to the people involved with digital marketing. Keywords are those words that are being continuously searched by the people across the globe on a day-to-day basis.

Identifying such keywords can definitely help the marketers to better understand what people’s needs are, and how their searches relate to it.

Researching about keywords is an important part of digital marketing because it can help you make decisions that directly relate to your marketing strategies.

The world is constantly changing, and naturally, the keywords are changing with the times, so it is very important that the marketers be up-to-date with it to be relevant in the brutal digital marketing world.


  •  Can target niches
  • Can provide insights in to searching patterns
  • Can help to know what topics to write on


  • Risk of keyword stuffing
  • Search engines are given more importance than the users

#Website Analytics

This channel of marketing helps the user to find out about his websites traffic quality. It is kind of like a program that shows how many visitors that you had and what were they looking at when they entered your site.

This information is highly valuable to the marketer because it can tell them what the website is doing right and more importantly, what it is doing wrong.

The marketer uses this data to reshape the website, if needed from the ground up, to increase its traffic flow and to form a strategy that maintains a constant stream of quality visitors.


  • Helps to detect mistakes and to avoid them
  • Easy to set up
  • Can save time


  • Pricey
  • Not cost effective

#Video Marketing

This form of digital marketing is omnipresent; you can see video marketing in almost all of the main sites on the internet as well as on other digital mediums such as TV’s, and billboards.

Video marketing means the use of video as a medium to promote a brand or product; nothing can drive home the content than the video format that is why advertisements are generally made in video format.

Popular brands have always used video marketing to their gains, that’s why even a little kid knows about coco cola even if he had never a chance to drink it.

A good video marketing campaign can really push forward your business and helps to maintain a good image perception among its customers.


  • Leaves a lasting impression
  • Can connect with emotion
  • Easy to set up


  • Expensive in nature
  • Takes time and effort

#Influencer Marketing

This channel of marketing utilizes a famous or influential person of power to promote a brand or product. No one in this world is safe from this type of advertising; this type of marketing is similar to mouth marketing but done in a wider size and scale.

Anyone who has a band of followers can become an influencer for example if a famous celebrity uses a product, then that product will also have an exposure and publicity that is more or less equal to that of the celebrity. The human psyche also plays a huge part in this charade.

Hey, you have to admit that one or two things that you own were bought when you were under this channels influence. Let me guess you’re deodorant, right?


  • Can connect on a subconscious level
  • Can attract a wider range of customers
  • Can quickly attract attention


  •  Time consuming
  •  Misleading sometimes


Blogging is one of the primary channels of marketing out there on the internet; the bloggers hold a certain influential power over their readers that can be utilized to brand or products.

A good review or a great promotion can certainly boost any business to be at the top of their game if a business is able to get a good review or mention from great blogging sites that alone should be enough to maintain a good online presence. And sometimes that’s enough for a business to thrive.

#Social Media Optimization & Marketing

Having a great image on the social media platforms are never a bad thing. It can help you stay relevant and attract more followers and customers.

The younger generation is addicted to the social media and use them as means to interact with the world, so it is no wonder that the businesses want to cash in on this too. A great social media marketing campaign can greatly boost the brand’s presence among the targeted audiences. Imagine that you are scrolling through Facebook and there is an ad there on the screen. This, at its core, is social media marketing.


  • Low cost
  • Appeals to a wider audience
  • Fast in getting results


  • Return of investment is not guaranteed
  • No control

#Website Designing & Optimization

Let’s consider that you have a great business running offline and wants to expand your horizon on to the cyber world, for that you need a website, a great website can, without no doubt, increase your potential to its maximum level.

A well-made website can generate a good amount of web traffic that can later be converted into quality customers that are genuine and trustworthy.

However, if you’re website is not good and have a shoddy user interface with bad designing, then it will do more harm than good to your thriving offline business.

So take extra care when you commission a website to be created and make sure that it ticks all the right boxes.


  • Can attract a newer batch of customers
  • Time relevant
  • Promotes positive image


    • Highly expensive
  • Time consuming


I hope that this article answered some of your burning questions like “how many types of digital marketing methods/channels are out there? And so much more.

All these ways of digital marketing and its channels that I mentioned only work when you have a solid strategy in place. Choosing an appropriate marketing channel that suits your business needs is important because only then you can correctly know which type of digital marketing strategy to employ to get the maximum results out of it.

Feel free to share and comment on this article.

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